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As well as the day-to-day and if you really only answer to the Chaplain you're assigned to? Navy RP (Religious Program Specialist) Questions. RPs support of Professional Naval Chaplaincy (PNC); support the provision and facilitation of Religious They also act as armed bodyguards for the chaplains (who are largely unarmed). RP CAREER PATH (SW) 1 Revised: December 2019 TSH. Branch: Navy: MOS: RP: Title: Religious Program Specialist: Description: Provide support to Navy chaplains in developing programs to meet the needs of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel and their families; perform functions that do not require ordination and do no pastoral counseling; and assists in the management of religious programs and manages library facilities. religious program specialist (rp) navpers 18068-68d ch-79 . religious program specialist (rp) Enlisted Detailers manage Navy enlisted distribution, personnel policy, training quota management and career progression for active and reserve enlisted personnel. RP CAREER PATH. The principal focus is to standardize a program Navy wide Religious Program Specialist (RP) RP COMMUNITY OVERVIEW. 11. Navy RP (Religious Program Specialist) Questions. Posted by 6 months ago. He efficiently managed over 2,400 morale care packages, ensuring snacks and personal hygiene products were distributed to 4 locations. Religious Program Specialists (RP). Religious Program Specialist: Religious Program Specialists provide support to Navy Chaplains in developing programs to meet the needs of Navy, Marine Corps, and … RP Program Specialists function in the following areas: Personal and Spiritual Readiness Specialist in meeting needs of Faith groups, Religious Ministry and Accommodation Specialist in support of the Religious Ministry Team (RMT). Hello, Was wondering if anyone can give some in-depth information on what Navy RP A and C school is like? Note 4: RP screening boards shall be composed of at least one chaplain of the rank of LCDR or above and one RP of the rank of E-6 or above. updated: july 2019 . rp-2 . Archived. Note 5: If the candidate does not meet all the minimum requirements as listed above, he/she cannot become a Religious Program Specialist. table of contents religious program specialist (rp) scope of rating rp-3 general information rp-4 religious program specialist rp-5 administration rp-5 expeditionary ministry support rp-6 Close. Religious Program Specialist roadmaps are just what the name implies - a roadmap through the Enlisted Learning and Development Continuum from Seaman Recruit through Master Chief. Religious Program Specialist (RP) He arranged 66 religious services ensuring 1,100 people had weekly access to spiritual support. They are the Sailors’ advocate in the detailing process. Religious program specialist (RP) is a United States Navy rating.Religious program specialists assist naval chaplains in their duties as well as provide support to naval chaplains in developing programs to meet the needs of U.S. Navy sailors, U.S. Marines, and their families. General Description. Marine Corps Expeditionary Combat Skills Training (MCECST) was originally Chaplain and Religious Program Specialist Expeditionary Skills Training (CREST-RP), and was established in October 1996 at the Field Medical Service School, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune (renamed Field Medical Training Battalion in 2007).

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