working of varactor diode

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Your email address will not be published. In Fig b, the bias on D 1 is set by the voltage divider which is made up of R 1 and R 2. These diodes have a p-n-n+ structure, where the applied voltage modulates the width of the depletion region between the p and n+ sides. The junction capacitance depends on the applied voltage and junction design. A varactor diode is a semiconductor diode whose junction capacitance varies linearly with applied voltage when the diode is reverse biased. The obvious varactor diode considerations are: (a) Capacitance value (b) Voltage (c) Variation in capacitance with voltage. Varactor Diode is a reverse biased p-n junction diode, whose capacitance can be varied electrically. A varactor diode is also called varicap diode. These terms relate to the junction and hence the performance of the varactor diode - hyperabrupt diodes, as the name suggests, having a very sharp change in doping that produces a very abrupt junction - in fact it is a hyperabrupt junction! Using this circuitry we can set the frequency through varying the voltage. The capacitor in a circuit can be replaced with the varactor diode, but it is essential to ensure the tune voltage, i.e. In microwave receiver LO, varactor diodes can be used as frequency multipliers. Varactor Diode. When investigating high performance varactor diodes for specific RF applications, the terms, abrupt and hyperabrupt varactor diodes will often be seen. The varactor diodes are small in size and hence, they are very light weight. Varactor diodes are specially designed to take advantage of this characteristic and are used as Voltage Controlled capacitors rather than traditional diodes. In general, electronic circuits can be built with a various electrical and electronic components like resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, transformers, Thyristors, etc. What is Varactor diode, How Varactor diode works, Electronic Devices & Circuits, Engineer Concepts. Varactor diodes are reverse biased diodes. Metal contact is provided for the connection with battery. Varactor diodes are used to vary the capacitance in variable resonant tank LC circuits. It is also known as Varicap diode (Variable Capacitance). Varactor Diode Modulator. ..... Our Mantra: Information is Opportunity. Digital Modulation Techniques: Electronics Engineering Notes pdf ppt, The Common-collector Amplifier Configuration Notes for Electronics Engineering 1st Year, Unity Gain Buffer/Unit Follower Notes for Electronics Engineering 1st Year, B.Tech./1Sem/Computer System and Programming in C, Fundamentals of Clamping Circuit Notes for Electronics Engineering 1st Year, Principle of Nicol Prism Engineering Physics B.Tech 1st Year, Zeolite Process for Water Softening and its Limitation Notes pdf ppt. Semiconductor diodes are the most common type of diode. The V-I characteristics of the diode are non-linear and it permits the flow of current in only one di… At the base we have heatsink to moderate the temperature of the diode and for cooling purpose. in general, it looks like a normal PN- junction diode in which one terminal is termed as the cathode and the other terminal is termed as anode. Working: Varactor diode is used as voltage controlled capacitor Working System Of Varactor Diode: How a Varactor Diode Works First one needs to understand the working principle of a changeable capacitor. The region of depletion is an important factor in determining the value of capacitance. Usually either R 1 or R 2 is made variable so that the center carrier frequency can be adjusted over a narrow range. If the varactor diode reverse voltage is increased, then the depletion region size increases. A few other important applications of varactor diodes can be listed as follows: Your email address will not be published. The size of the depletion region of diode changes with change in reverse bias. By watching this video, you will learn the following topics:0:21 What is Varactor Diode1:23 Working of the Varactor Diode5:19 Equivalent Circuit of the Varactor Diode6:28 Important Specifications of the Varactor Diode9:01 Applications of the Varactor DiodeWhat is Varactor Diode :The varactor diode is one type of PN junction diodes whose internal capacitance changes with the applied reverse bias voltage. Consider the reverse biased mode of the diode, in which P-type region and N-type region are able to conduct and thus can be treated as two plates. 2. The capacitor uses two surfaces that separate from the insulating dielectric. Varactor diode Applications : Varactor diode is used in FM radio and TV receivers . the “low resistance” direction). These diodes have a similar structure as a p-n diode; the structure of a varactor diode is rather simple and illustrates its power as a component with nonlinear reactance. By using voltage control technique in the varactor diode circuit, varying capacitance can be provided. A varactor is a non-microphonic, comp;1ct, electronically var­ iable capacitor whose capacitance can be rea

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