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Rochdale Library collection, NRA 16890 Women must fill most or all of the leadership Andrew Ashworth & Sons Ltd, felt mfrs, Brierfield and Ramsbottom, NRA 30812 Molyneux family, Earls of Sefton: family and estate papers, NRA 103 Proposals received after the stipulated. Procter, Birkbeck & Betty, estate agents, Lancaster, NRA 23451 Concept notes sent in any other format would not be considered for further processing. The cash prize is to encourage and nurture organisations to carry forward their Fund. James Fogg, Thatto Heath: misc papers, NRA 16490 Fleetwood Gas Company, NRA 20338 JR Almond, conservative agent for Fylde: papers, NRA 23239 Sir Cuthbert Cartwright Grundy: papers of Grundy and Relph families, NRA 34993 Longridge Urban District Council, NRA 14795 Lancashire Infirm Secular Clergy Fund, NRA 15244 1740-1791) African Traveller, Housman, Laurence (1865-1959), writer and artist, Hughes, Michael (1752-1825) Industrialist, Jackson, Richard (fl1623-1690), physician, antiquary, Jessop, William (d 1675) Clerk to Council of State and House of Commons, Johnstone, George (1730-1787) MP Commodore RN, Jones, Thomas Sherwood (1872-1972) Bishop of Hulme, Jones, William Stanton- (1866-1951) Bishop of Sodor and Man, Kendrick, Sir Thomas Downing (1895-1979) Knight Director of the British Museum, Kenyon, George (1776-1855) 2nd Baron Kenyon, politician, Kenyon, Lloyd (1732-1802) 1st Baron Kenyon, Lord Chief Justice, Kenyon, Roger (d 1698) MP for Clitheroe Governor of Isle of Man, Knight, Samuel Kirshbaum (1868-1932) Bishop of Jarrow, Knowles, Thomas (fl 1737-1742), Curate of Stalmine and Rector of Claughton in Lonsdale, Knox, Edmund Arbuthnott (1847-1937) Bishop of Manchester, Knox, Ronald Arbuthnott (1888-1957) Theologian, Laithwaite, Sir John Gilbert (1894-1986) Knight Indian Administrator, Lang, William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945) Baron Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury, Mercer, John (1791-1866) Chemist and Calico Printer, Molyneux, William (1655-1754) 4th Viscount Molyneux, Morgan, Nigel (1936-2006), historian, lecturer and author, Norcross, Ivy (fl 1966), hand embroiderer, O'Reilly, Bernard (1824-1894) Roman Catholic Bishop of Liverpool, Owtram, Herbert H (fl 1913-1940), Colonel, cotton mill owner and director, Paley, Edward Graham (1823-1895), architect, Palmer, Sir Herbert Richmond (1877-1958), Knight, Colonial governor, Parsons, Richard Godfrey (1882-1948) Bishop of Hereford, Paton, John Lewis (1863-1946) educationalist, Patten, John Wilson (1802-1892) Baron Winmarleigh, politician, Pedder, James (d 1772), vicar of Garstang, Penswick, Thomas (1772-1836) Vicar Apostolic, Northern district, Petrie, Sir Charles Alexander (1895-1977), 3rd Baronet, historian, Pilkington, Richard (1841-1908) Lieutenant Colonel MP, Pilkington, William Henry (1905-1983) Baron Pilkington, industrialist, Pincock, William (d1693) Fellow and Bursar of Brasenose College, Oxford, Porteus, Thomas Cruddas (1876-1948) Anglican clergyman and author, Pugin, Edward Welby (1834-1875) Architect, Pye, Richard Crane (1870-1959), Alderman of Preston, Radcliffe, Richard Duncan (1844-1925), antiquary and secretary of Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Rawlinson, John (1629-1699) Barrister of Gray's Inn, Repton, Humphry (1752-1818), landscape gardener, Rhodes, Hervey (1895-1987) Baron Rhodes of Saddleworth, MP, Rigby, Alexander (1594-1650), MP Baron of the Exchequer, Rigby, John (1753-1818) Roman Catholic Priest, Shorrock, Harry (fl 1946-2012), naturalist, Shuttleworth, Sir Richard (d 1599) Knight Chief Justice of Chester, Stanley, Edward Henry (1826-1893) 15th Earl of Derby, statesman, Stanley, Edward Smith (1775-1851) 13th Earl of Derby, MP, naturalist, Stanley, William George (1656-1702) 9th Earl of Derby, Temple, William (1881-1944) Archbishop of Canterbury, Thornber, Titus (1913-2006), author, historian, electrical engineer and farmer, Thurlow, Edward (1731-1806) 1st Baron Thurlow, Lord Chancellor, Tilsley, Frank (1904-1957), novelist, dramatist and broadcaster, Towneley, Christopher (1604-1674), antiquary, Towneley, Sir Simon (b 1921), Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, Walmesley, Sir Thomas (1537-1612) Knight Judge, Weld, Herbert Joseph (1852-1935), explorer, West, Thomas (1720-1779), Jesuit, topographer, Whiteside, Thomas (1857-1921) Archbishop of Liverpool, Wyatt, Lewis William (1777-1853), architect, Wyatville, Sir Jeffry (1766-1840) Knight, architect, Ainscough, Charu (fl 1993-2012), Senior Equal Opportunities Officer, Lancashire County Council, Almond, J R (fl 1883-1972) Conservative Politician, Fulwood, Amriding, Marjorie (fl1985-2001), photographer of Preston, Anstruther, Godfrey (fl 1970-1989) Roman Catholic Clergyman, Leigh-on-sea, Ashworth, George (b 1879), weaver of Bacup, Baldwin, Anthony (1769-1806), ship's captain of Gisburn, Bamber, Annie (fl. St Thomas of Canterbury and the English Martyrs Catholic Church, Preston, NRA 39446 Low ¿ Medium risk: lower risk for work at greater scale to deliver real benefits for poor people. St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, Poulton-le-Fylde, NRA 44377 strategies and implement technologies that could reduce threats to the Queen Victoria Cottage Hospital, Morecambe, NRA 22860 Lancaster and Morecambe Community Health Council, NRA 15327 Fleetwood Methodist Circuit, NRA 18108 var _nwls=[];if(window.jQuery&&window.jQuery.find){_nwls=jQuery.find(".fw_link_newWindow");}else{if(document.getElementsByClassName){_nwls=document.getElementsByClassName("fw_link_newWindow");}else{if(document.querySelectorAll){_nwls=document.querySelectorAll(".fw_link_newWindow");}else{document.write('<\/scr'+'ipt>');if(window.Sizzle){_nwls=Sizzle(".fw_link_newWindow");}}}}var numlinks=_nwls.length;for(var i=0;i

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